OSHA's Worker Rights and Protections

Develop an outreach initiative using OSHA's CASs

Description of Idea :

1- Train Compliance Assistance Specialists (CAS) and Compliance Safety and Health Officers (CSHOs) on how to identify potential victims of labor trafficking while conducting OSHA activities. Provide clear steps on how to address and report to the appropriate agencies incidents of labor trafficking.

2- Provide to all USDOL agencies labor trafficking outreach materials such as business cards so they can be distribute discreetly during USDOL activities.

3- Develop a national Alliance between USDOL and Labor Trafficking organizations with the purpose to increase awareness of labor trafficking, to better assist victims of labor trafficking and to capture better data on labor trafficking.

4- Develop local outreach activities such as health fairs to provide basic health screenings or preventive services in areas that are believed victims of labor trafficking resides so we can gain their trust and discreetly provide outreach materials. Local help lines and safe locations need to be available so we can get them the help they need immediately.



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