CFOI Supports Faith-Based Organizations to Help End Labor Trafficking


We had an employee get hired to start working, but then told they could not work because of his documentation. Since we are a government contractor, we must follow more stringent guidelines for our labor force. However, in this case, we had to turn someone away because they did not have legal documentation. Somehow he made his way to VA from S./C. America. He spoke very limited English. I recommend having a way to get those that are here without knowing how the system of legal documentation works to continue to work in ways that do not impact national security and will allow the laborer to get the help they need from with-in the company hiring them. The company can provide and preferably with support from other NGO or government agencies to investigate how they got to the US instead of putting the individual back on the street. furthermore, we were willing to hire this individual to work as a laborer in our shops where we manufacture instead of conduct government contracting. Just as there is a way for ADA individuals and light-limited duty employees to work, why is there not a system in place to hire anyone in order to help them and help the business?


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