CFOI Supports Faith-Based Organizations to Help End Labor Trafficking

Help with basic needs and liberty

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Help the victims with basic support to get over the trafficking they went through. I have seen camp grounds, state parks, and RV parks that would be an ideal place to recover. Clean air, clean water, beautiful sights and sounds to rebuild the person. Have a few persons who have healed from the abuse to help the others get through. Could be combined with helping animals. Anything people need to get skills or education to continue on in life and avoid being trapped again.

Let's not repeat how the first peoples were treated. The government rules need to change. Various government agencies have huge budgets that employ many people but those most likely to be trafficked are still easy prey. The bureau of Indian affairs is huge yet first peoples live in poverty. Something must be done to limit the government eating up the resources that are meant to help the disadvantaged

I could turn an old camp grouds, military base, or land into a green sustainable place to live and work. Wind generators and digesters. Gardens and ponds. Recycling and refurbishing old things. Dairy and honey bees. Berries and nuts. On the internet teaching or selling stuff too. It would also be profitable too. We the people have so much public resource that could just be given away rather than money.

Fundamentally the Federal Department of Labor must establish an environment of true liberty so people can be rescued.



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