CFOI Supports Faith-Based Organizations to Help End Labor Trafficking

Ideas to Help End Labor Trafficking

Thank you for the opportunity to share ideas to help end labor trafficking. My suggestion is to create and/or expand an outreach and education program that helps increase awareness of this issue and educates the community to identify and report working conditions anonymously. Key areas of a robust outreach and education program can include:

  1. Train DOL field personnel in OSHA, WHD, and other departments to identify and report signs on labor trafficking. Have them distribute informational materials during their visits with employers and workers.

  2. Develop web Human trafficking awareness materials/programs in appropriate languages, including:

-Online training programs.

-Downloadable educational handouts and tip sheets.

  1. Create an advertise a tip hotline where community members can report abuses anonymously.

  2. Educate employers ID human trafficking from labor contractors and other Groups/organizations

  3. Set-up educational events to train the community about how and where modern slavery exist in this country.

6)Train and work with Community partners to educate the public and identify/report abuses. Partners include faith-based organizations, schools, health care providers, labor centers, non-profits, embassy/consulates, media outlets.

  1. Participate in community fairies and educational events to promote this program and answer questions from the public.



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