ETA and State Efforts to Educate Farmworkers and Ag Employers

Improve Ag Employer Awareness of Exploitative Labor Recruiters

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In some instances, Agriculture employers in the U.S. may be unaware of the exploitation taking place at the level of labor recruitment overseas with regard to their specific workforce. ETA and state farmworker agencies should partner to develop a system to ensure that ag employers are made aware when they are engaging in a business relationship with a recruiter that has been identified as an exploitative or labor trafficking recruiter. This could take the form of an alert system to flag for employers when they are engaging with recruiters that are on lists of debarred recruiters under guestworker programs, or recruiters crowd-sourced as being problematic by platforms such as CDM's Contratados ( with agriculture employers who are recruiting workers. The program should also include training and education efforts to raise the level of awareness of especially smaller scale growers around these issues.



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