CFOI Supports Faith-Based Organizations to Help End Labor Trafficking

Job Training Program and Referral System

Help: Create training programs for survivors. Individuals can be enrolled in regardless of faith affiliation and would get a say in which program they are enrolled in within a given geographic area (ex. List their top 3 programs). Build in a job-referral system with a help of members of that faith community (i.e. networking!). The program obviously would need to be conducted by individuals who have completed trauma-informed training. Supervisors/employers of survivors who employ "graduates" of the training program would also need to be trained (ex. Triggers to avoid, being trauma-informed).

Barriers: Clients at an AHT program I used to work at were referred to us after being trafficked by a church ministry. Faith-based organizations will need to be educated about labor exploitation and trafficking so that they do not mistakenly take advantage of individuals they are trying to help.



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