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Know Your Rights - Outreach and Prevention

Description of Idea :

The Dept. of Labor should require that all foreign-labor contractors (those who apply for H2-B, H2-A, etc. visas) to post information similar to OSHA posters about the labor and other rights of the migrant workers employed under these programs in the relevant language of the employees. This includes, but is not limited to:

(1) Relevant Wage & Hour Laws

(2) Information about safety equipment & uniforms that must be provided by the employer

(3) Right to seek medical attention

(4) Right to work free of threats and harassment

(5) Human Trafficking Hotline

(6) DOL Hotline

(7) DLSE Hotline (for CA claims)

Further, the DOL should create and distribute Know Your Rights (KYR) flyers containing similar information to nonimmigrant applicants during their consulate interview. This information should be given to the migrant workers in their native language. Migrants coming to the U.S. must know that if their rights are violated, and they are subsequently exploited, abused, or experience trafficking victimization, that there are hotlines and legal services available.



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