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When money over ones health look at what happens a virus a pandemic happens! People think they are above the law! They only care about themselves and not the laws that are written! Till something bad happens they point the finger at everyone else and not themselves first! People need to CARE more about health and the safety of other and not worry about the money! I had to enforce the laws because the management team only cared about the money! You can't run a business with out 360 awareness! Health isn't a game to play with! Yet people would rather be on social security fraud the system because why they want more money they do not want to work? Their are too many owners that do not care! My former employer did an interview with business weekly back in 2016ish he stated he only targets high school and college kids because they do not care about their health! When I spoke about that I was told it's none of my business how they operate! Yet when I'm in charge of training and development and the safety and security of the name on the sign! I was given the authority to make sure the laws where enforced the safety of the business so that they do not get sued! They pushed me to my limit now I'm facing them in court and the star of California doesn't care they only care about taxing people taking money from the people! People just need to know that you go to work to learn and earn the funds the right way! It what you know not who you know! I say that because I'm Ivy League educated medical and law sections! So when I pass along what I know to help others to am gain better it's for a reason! When I speak people listen because they never heard any one speak like I do! Just like how our founding fathers how they spoke people what to know the truth as the next person but it takes each of us to make it work! We are The United States of America we stands up and fight for something bigger than one self! Our secretary not labor only cares about how he can fraud the country the people just like the election! The United States constitution laws out the law of the land! It give Americans the right to freedom and the opportunity to the American dream! Article 2 section 1.5 of the United States constitution allows my name to be on the ballot!



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