CFOI Supports Faith-Based Organizations to Help End Labor Trafficking

Public private partnerships to stop Labor Trafficing

First of all thank you for including us in your dialogue. I am a philanthropist in the Jewish non profit world, and serve on many of the traditional and non traditional Boards. My idea comes from both the woman's funding and traditional funding sectors. Faith based organizations are a perfect fit for this type of initiative on many fronts. They are part of large established networks of diverse people and committees, most who volunteer and understand the importance of helping others. They have developed relationships and networks among the various groups or sub groups of these organizations including woman's based organizations focusing on these types of abuses. Our enormous numbers and world wide net works enable us to communicate, distribute, interact raise money to fund programs and help others. We have international and local ties with Governments, allowing us to set up meetings, have meaningful dialogue and get things done in ways traditional govemental workers can't. Most of all we are a group of doers, especially woman's groups. So here are some ideas.

1. Rally these Jewish/non Jewish groups around this important issue by establishing and educating Federal and State public/private partnerships around this important initiative of Labor Trafficking. In Georgia we have such a partnership for human trafficking, it would be a natural fit to extend it.

2. Provide education, training and information through easily accessible online resources, as well as group training. Also when it is safe again to meet hold I person faith based events, focusing on these issues.

3. Use your faith based leaders to Identify major Jewish/non Jewish faith based groups you wish to approach and have them be the bridge faith as a way to be introduced into these organizations and set up meetings. I have a list of Nation wide and international Jewish organizations if you need them that I am part of.

3. Once part of these networks, you can disseminate monthly information, and links to millions of people as well as have volunteers working with you to identify cases, provide services to those in need, help develop a reporting and tracking system, and really the possibilities are whatever you may need. We also are very good at raising funds for worthy projects. It seems to me you have a mobile army of volunteers whose main focus is to help those in need, have the drive, heart and connections to move mountains for worthy humanitarian causes, and to make the world a better place. My idea is that you partner with us to do so.



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