CFOI Supports Faith-Based Organizations to Help End Labor Trafficking

Punish the human Trafficker's and those who help them

Punish those who human traffic others. Asking the right questions can get us to the solutions. First question. What are the penalties for human trafficking? Second question is, who is enabling the trafficking?

The federal government can send Seal team 6 into Africa to save a few hostages. So, the police should save the people being human trafficked on the streets of America. It's estimated 300,000 underage children are being trafficked in America. Many pass-through Airports. The TSA and other agencies can find illegal foods, drugs, etc, why can't they catch trafficking victims? Then help the victims. The Department of Labor should go after these businesses that facilitate human trafficking. Cut the ways traffickers use to move people.

People are being told a lie then end up as slaves, but those doing this get little punishment. The General in charge of the Wisconsin National Guard, General Donald Dunbar, was asked to resign by Governor Evers because the botched sexual assault cases. The leadership fails to uphold the law. Imagine the lie that was sold to young people who wanted to serve their country only to end up as sex slaves in a government organization. A Lt. Col Betsy Schoeller wrote; I was giving voice to the message that women here in the culture of sexual harassment: … that's just the beginning." Stars & Stripes, By associated Press Pub. July 4, 2020. From a sexual abusive government, we then get a lawless sex trafficking country. Marines in California were caught human trafficking people. In too many ways the government itself facilitates human trafficking. Let Department of Labor clean out State and Federal agencies.

Take the money and power away from the human traffickers. Why does the government take money from workers for unemployment insurance, social security, and Medicare but not return much if any? We the People are sold this lie, if you work hard, you will do well, but then end up with nothing, because the government take the taxes to give to business owners. It's the same thing as human trafficking. The government gives tax breaks to farms on the west coast who plow under their crops because they cannot make a big enough profit using legal America labor. Stop giving tax breaks or tax exempt status to any one who traffics others or supports similar illegal activities that feed into these crimes, and prostitution. The Department of Labor should do a self-check to see if it is enabling human trafficking.



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