ETA and State Efforts to Educate Farmworkers and Ag Employers

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1. Adopting the economic law of supply and demand.

My personal experience; I was offered a job from the Philippines, I exited the Philippines and entered USA legally with a working visa but I am not educated enough on the consequences next. I am ignorant about this country, labor law, definitely about human trafficking.

A. Seasonal workers should be provided and required to attend for seminars and orientation about labor laws and human trafficking from the country of origin and at the job location.

B. There should be an encouragement for an international campaign about this global epidemic especially to the countries where most of the victims were coming from. Show them the real face of human trafficking in America whichever appropriate way that would serve the purpose such as on TV, Newspaper, and radio Ads.

C. Strengthen the law of punishing the human traffickers. Human trafficking or capitalizing on human life by violating the human fundamental rights has a lifetime impact to the victim. It should be treated and classified as a crime with the capital punishment, just like a child rape, child sexual abuse, and large scale drug trafficking.

D. Resolving the issue of the barriers in reporting and accessing available service.

VICTIM perspective; Empowering Federal and State Agencies to inquire about the legality of the workers in the most common places where the crime most occurs such as FDA and USDA for farms, OSHA for hotels, FDA for the restaurants and Cantinas, Department of Licensing and Regulations for the massage and spa parlors. These departments should have the empowerment to act like the ICE of the DHS, policing for the victims and the criminals of human trafficking. During the ocular or on unannounced inspection, such departments should include the inspection for the legitimacy of the workers including an actual one on one interview with the employees. Most of businesses has a labor mandate poster to be put up in employees areas, these posters should include information about human trafficking.

COMMUNITY perspective; Empower all the people and the community to end the modern slavery by increasing the effort in raising the awareness through education formal or non-formal. The current efforts for raising awareness are still not enough to stimulate the national action against it.

School Formal Education Through seminars, community service, poster campaign at our schools, students can be an effective source of manpower to help stop this crime. Students themselves should be aware of the possibility or how an individual can fall as a victim. Their awareness on this topic can save or stop someone becoming a part of the statistics.

Informal education by using the power of social media such as FB, YouTube, national TV and Radio ads especially in states where the human trafficking activities are highly recorded.

After the terrorist attack, New York City has incorporated the entire community to be an essential part to combat terrorism. There is sustainable strong campaign to get the attention of the masses in every possible way to be aware and do their part. The MTA made a slogan of "If you see something, Say something", there are announcements, signs, posters, and visual instructions on the bus and on every train car and stations. The slogan has created a sense of awareness and sense of responsibility to each commuters and became a part of our daily lives. There are existing downloadable Apps for smart phones as listed below. These Apps are crucial for the success of this campaign however, they are not as popular as any other apps like Kik, Tinder, Grinder, Snapchat, and Instagram because there were enough promotion to make it well known.

A. TraffickCam – an app that could help police identify the hotel room used for sex trafficking.

B. BAN Human Trafficking App provides education about human trafficking

C. Slavery Footprint App – an app that test you if you are a human trafficking supporter

D. Free2work App – an app that gives you information if you are buying products that involved in human trafficking. Monitors the manufacturers if their suppliers involves underage workers.

E. Redlight traffick App – an app where you learn the signs and gives you a red flag indications of the victim; Recognize, Report, Recover, Release

F. STOP APP – is an international app to report human trafficking activities.

E. Increase the awareness and outreach effort to;

A. The one who demands

1. Agriculture farm

2. Hotels

3. Restaurants / Cantinas

4. Spas / Massage Parlors

5. Any other consumer

B. The one who supply – at risk population defined demographically;

1. Neighboring countries such as; Mexico

2. Other countries like; Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, India,

3. Runaway, homeless, LGBTQ,

4. Children who were born in to trafficking



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