OSHA's Worker Rights and Protections

Suggestions from Healthcare and Mental Healthcare Providers

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1. Create a federal oversight mechanism for health and safety over agricultural labor to enact the same role as OSHA does in construction labor. This should include constant review of and a reporting mechanism for agricultural child laborers with a resource and referral system in place to respond to abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

2. Develop a training and support network for those with nonimmigrant status or those awaiting work permission regarding labor rights, how to report labor abuse and exploitation, and how to safely search and apply for jobs.

3. Fund a scientifically developed and validated screening tool for child labor trafficking.

4. No government contracts or loans for businesses who have been convicted of labor exploitation in the U.S. (such as the current policy states with corporations conducting business outside of the U.S.).

5. Increase training for employers, employees, and healthcare providers to better recognize physical and emotional signs and symptoms related to labor trafficking.

6. Establish more integrated healthcare systems to better address medical, psychiatric, and social issues resulting from labor trafficking. (e.g. Baylor College of Medicine Anti-Human Trafficking Program: www.bcm.edu/humantrafficking).

7. Provide more resources for the mental health treatment of labor trafficking victims (e.g. https://www.appi.org/Products/Cultural-Psychiatry/Human-Trafficking))



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