CFOI Supports Faith-Based Organizations to Help End Labor Trafficking

Take away the means of human traffickers and support workers

Take away the means human traffickers are using, punish those who do the human trafficking, and help the victims of trafficking to get what they need. It's like fighting a fire that is trying to consume your house and loved ones. If we can shut off the abuse of local citizens it will help in shutting the pipeline of foreign victims.

First off change employment law so that so that if you quit or get fired the employee gets unemployment benefits. Employment is not slavery! People should get penalized for working or bettering themselves by leaving. Make unemployment benefits more like a golden parachute or a 401K, so that for whatever reason the employee has a way to leave. Or do away with unemployment all together. Use the Unemployment staff to enforce the employment laws, let them chase criminals. Use the government employees to hunt down the people who use minors and others for criminal gain. Make it unprofitable to be a human trafficker. Stop pandering to the employers. Make the public servants help the public not a few rich employers. Criminals get free legal help, so employees should to get free legal help. The employee should not have to pay legal fees for blowing the whistle on criminal activity. There are warning labels on dangers products and food items. The companies have to post the employments laws on their properties, so each employer should have to hand out their rating to each new employee.

I worked for a large rental car company. They broke the code of federal regulations, among other things, like not sanitizing cars. I couldn't get any law enforcement to seriously investigate them. After awhile everyone just knows the big powerful companies get away with anything. If I had an unemployment 401K I would have quit.

Change the law so that legal citizens can homestead or use sweat equity to acquire food, shelter, property, etc. People have human needs, why should there be laws that keep people dependent while "we the people" pay others to keep resource for the rich or powerful to have and use? For example, a few people were human trafficked for 5 years. "We the peoples" public servants arrested the criminals and took ownership of that 10-acre plot of land, with two buildings on it, that was taken from a human trafficking operation. Some of the victims would gladly stay and work if they owned the property. Just give them the land, etc. There could also be land, a free fishing license, etc. for anyone who gets fired or quits a job. If you legally worked a number of years give We the people a chance.



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